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Our Acoustic focus

We are well know for high quality in everything we do

Our focus is on technology, performance, communication, quality and costs

Our Acoustic focus

technology_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffTechnology

  • Ole Wolff offers extremely strong acoustic R&D support for both full systems and individual drivers.
  • Our global R&D team includes Danish engineers with more than 25 years of experience in designing world class premium drivers and audio systems.

Performance_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffPerformance

  • The engineers at Ole Wolff will work closely with your team to achieve optimal audio performance. We can tailor everything to your requirements including customize the driver to generate your own unique drivers.
  • Utilizing tools such as Klippel, Sound check and Comsol 3D simulations we are able to meet your exact performance requirements.

Communication_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffCommunication

  • Project success requires good management
  • Good management requires good communication
  • Good communication requires great local support
  • With great local support we make sure we don’t assume anything. If we have a question we will ask.

Quality_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffQuality

Quality management is key! QA process is controlled from product development through shipment

  • Each shipped product meets all environmental, reliability and life testing
  • All parts tested with Soundcheck
  • Highly automated production setup

costs_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffCosts

  • Unique lean model
  • Resources placed where needed
  • Danish acoustic technology + China based manufacturing yields high performance & great pricing


Ole wolff acoustics meganetics china


  • Research, design and technology
  • Comsol™ simulations
  • Application and test support
  • Sales


  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering team
  • QA management
  • Project Management