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Pistonic series earphone drivers

Pistonic series earphone drivers

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New family of drivers with ultra high performance

Key parameters

  • “Pistonic” diaphragm design

  • Low distortion

  • High compliance (low F0)

  • High bandwidth

  • Very high diaphragm excursion (up to ±0.9mm)

  • Slim profile

  • Ø10mm, Ø11mm, Ø12mm, Ø13mm and Ø14.2mm

  • Optimal for both earbud (leaky) and in-ear (sealed) type earphones

October 15 2020
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A happy family of five

The pistonic series drivers come in five different sizes to suit various earphone designs and topologies.



These new receivers are available in dimensions of Ø10mm, Ø11mm, Ø12mm, Ø13mm & Ø14.2mm and are all based on the same “pistonic” diaphragm technology where the piston part is made of a very stiff and light material and the surround part is made of a material with very high compliance.The “pistonic” diaphragm technology, normally only seen in much larger loudspeaker designs, gives the advantage of both a very low resonance frequency and superior bandwidth resulting in excellent sound reproduction properties.A typical free field measurement (as done for loudspeakers) with the receiver having no tuning filter on rear side (total open) clearly shows this very high bandwidth:

Free field measurement shows very high bandwidth.

Force factor

The force factor is very symmetric ensuring low odd-order distortion


Cms(x) has excellent linearity which contributes to vanishing low distortion even at extreme sound pressure levels
Klippel table
Klippel measurements show very high linear excursion .

Custom tuning

Ole Wolff can tune the drivers to match the customers preferred frequency response (position of 3kHz peak). One example of such tuning shown in the graphs below:
Custom tuning
Example of frequency response of driver in 2cc coupler when tuned with rear mesh.

Learn more

Read more about the new pistonic drivers here:


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