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Drivers and design support

High quality transducers and unique design capabilities

Ole Wolff is well known and recognized worldwide for high quality transducers, as well as unique design capabilities, which are supplied to a broad range of first tier companies within the consumer electronics industry.



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Why Ole Wolff is a good long term partner

  • Experienced and highly skilled acoustic development teams in Denmark and China
  • Extensive history in producing speakers for +25 years
  • Experienced in production of high end speakers as well high volume lower cost drivers
  • Advanced system optimizations using state of the art technology
  • Able to provide strong local support in both North America, Europe and Asia
  • True global presence which eases stress of communication vs only Asia based suppliers

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Who is Ole Wolff and what do we do?

Headphones and earphones



  • 5, 5.7, 6.9, 7, 8.6 & 9.2 mm drivers


  • 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14.3 mm drivers


  • 30, 32, 35, 40 & 50 mm drivers

IoT, consumer electronics and portable speakersACFP_speakers


  • Rectangular speakers 13x18mm, 11x15mm, 9x16mm etc.
  • Various speaker box assemblies
  • MEMS microphones


  • 28mm to 62mm drivers for wireless and “smart” speakers
  • Passive radiators, circular and rectangular
  • Smart amp optimization

Telephones and conference phonesACFP_telecom


  • 28 to 52mm speakers for "hands free" mode
  • Circular & rectangular WB and HAC receivers
  • MEMS and ECM microphones


  • 28mm to 62mm drivers for conference phones
  • Design optimization for HAC, TIA920A & P.311 and ITU-T P.1120 standards

Home appliances, detectors, sounders and alarmsACFP_buzzer


  •  Magnetic and piezo buzzers, leaded and SMD
  • Piezo discs with various connection methods
  • Design optimization of resonators and piezo mounting

Our focus

technology_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffTechnology

  • Ole Wolff offers extremely strong acoustic R&D support for both full systems and individual drivers.
  • Our global R&D team includes Danish engineers with more than 25 years of experience in designing world class premium drivers and audio systems.

Performance_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffPerformance

  • The engineers at Ole Wolff will work closely with your team to achieve optimal audio performance. We can tailor everything to your requirements including customize the driver to generate your own unique drivers.
  • Utilizing tools such as Klippel, Sound check and Comsol 3D simulations we are able to meet your exact performance requirements.

Communication_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffCommunication

  • Project success requires good management
  • Good management requires good communication
  • Good communication requires great local support
  • With great local support we make sure we don’t assume anything. If we have a question we will ask.

Quality_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolffQuality

Quality management is key! QA process is controlled from product development through shipment

  • Each shipped product meets all environmental, reliability and life testing
  • All parts tested with Soundcheck
  • Highly automated production setup

costs_acoustics Magnetics design Ole wolff

  • Unique lean model
  • Resources placed where needed
  • Danish acoustic technology + China based manufacturing yields high performance & great pricing


Ole wolff acoustics meganetics china


  • Research, design and technology
  • Comsol™ simulations
  • Application and test support
  • Sales


  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering team
  • QA management
  • Project Management
Acoustic system integration

From  idea  to  manufacturing — And all of the steps in between.

InitialInitial design considerations

  • IP ratings and weather resistance
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Static pressure relief
  • Heat dissipation and vents

Transducer_selTransducer selection

  • Sensitivity requirements
  • Distortion (THD) limits
  • Bass performance
  • Internal space available

Holes_selPorts and internal volumes

  • Rear volume optimization
  • Front resonance tuning
  • Testing of various port/slit designs

camera_animation_simulationsComsol™ simulations

  • Virtual prototypes
  • Simulation of different drivers
  • Simulation of magnetic interference
  • Front resonance optimization


  • CNC or 3D prints
  • Verification of virtual models
  • Tests and measurements

camera_performance_verificationTest and verification

  • Anechoic measurements
  • Klippel™ NFS measurements
  • Tests using SoundCheck™
Design and simulations





Virtual prototypes



Simulation and development tools

  • 3D finite element simulation using Comsol Multiphysics™
  • Equivalent diagram based on custom-made acoustic modules
  • 2D & 3D magnetic and diaphragm simulations
  • System performance simulations based on Thiele Small parameters.
  • Optimization of transducer’s parameters and structures based on acoustic requirements and cost.

Design optimizations

  • Diaphragm materials
  • Magnet type and grade
  • Voice coil material/layout
  • Motor structure
  • Magnetic field simulation
Test capabilities

Klippel™ systems


Anechoic measurements




Artificial ears and HATS

Test and measurement tools

  • Measurement in anechoic chamber and artificial ears
  • IEC 318
  • IEC 711 Low Leak and High Leak
  • Kemar / HATS
  • State-of-the-art Klippel™ system for diaphragm scanning and anechoic near field measurements.
  • Test to meet standards such as TIA920A, P.311, IEC60268, 3GPPTS,  AUSTRALIAN AS/ACIF S004:2008