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Ole Wolff was founded in 1983 in Denmark where it is still headquartered today. We have sales offices in eight locations worldwide, three R&D and application support centres and with ISO9001 and ISO14001 approval. Ole Wolff is now focused on two product areas: acoustics and magnetics.



Ole Wolff offers extremely strong R&D and application support through our Denmark and China based design engineering  teams. The engineers at Ole Wolff will work closely with your team to achieve your exact performance targets.


By controlling the entire QA process along with product development and manufacturing Ole Wolff ensures that your product will meet all the required environmental, reliability and life-cycle tests, as well as meet the highest possible manufacturing quality and consistency.

Ole Wollff Electronics - Key Focus


Ole Wolff takes a proactive role to manage and track your project from start to finish in order to deliver the product at the right time, cost and quality. Through local support with your team throughout the entire project, we ensure that we fully understand every aspect of your product requirements.



In order to be cost competitive Ole Wolff operates a unique lean model where we have minimized any unnecessary costs.

We focus our resources where it is needed and where it can add the most value.

Combining Danish technology and product design with Chinese manufacturing results in innovative high performing products at a competitive price.

  • Research, design and technology
  • Program management
  • Sales


  • Manufacturing
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • QA management
  • Logistics
  • Project Management

Brief History

1983    Ole Wolff Elektronik A/S founded by Mr. Ole Wolff

1989    Ole Wolff Elektronik GmbH - sales office in Germany established.

1990    Ole Wolff (Asia) Ltd. - sales office in Hong Kong established.

1993    Ole Wolff Electronics Ltd. - sales office in England established.

2000    Ole Wolff Electronics Inc. - sales office in USA established.

2001    Ole Wolff sales office in Finland established.

2004    Acoustic Design Centre in China established

2006    Magnetic Design Centre established in China

2009    Application Support office in Toronto established

2010    Ole Wolff Taiwan established as sales office

2011    Ole Wolff establish sales office in San Jose, USA

2013    Expansion of Acoustics R&D resources in Denmark

2015    Expansion of Toronto office to include sales support

Global presence

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Ole Wollff Electronics - Key Focus
Ole Wollff Electronics - Key Focus